Holidays Lounge understands that with its roots in the 9th century AD, the historic center of Krakow is a Unesco World Heritage Site located in Poland. It is often heralded as a prime example of Medieval architecture and also as a miracle for surviving the devastation of World War II. There are numerous beautiful landmarks to see including the Town Hall Tower and the Wawel Hill Complex, in addition to many other sights that are all around the center of Krakow.

Holidays Lounge Reveals Insights to Krakow Poland 2

Holidays Lounge recommends visiting Wawel castle

Krakow was once the capital of Poland until the 16th century. During that time, much of the architecture that makes the Old Town so unique was constructed, including a 1.9-mile wall that surrounded the city according to Holidays Lounge. Complete with seven entrances and 46 towers, the wall was indeed formidable as it had to be since Krakow has a long history of fending off invaders. After the capital was moved to Warsaw by King Sigismund III Vasa, Krakow saw many of the historic landmarks that made it so beautiful start to erode. With concentrated effort after World War II, the city was rebuilt and has become a Unesco World Heritage Site as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

Once separate cities, Krakow and Kazimierz have merged to form a single wonder of medieval urban planning. With well preserved and well-defined city streets and buildings, one would think they are back in medieval Poland. Wawel Hill Complex is regarded with high importance in Poland and recognized as a historical site of great significance for Europe in general. The complex houses such magnificent sights as the Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral. Within the complex, you will also see a blend of styles ranging from early medieval to baroque era architecture. With this collection of styles and the level of preservation, it is an excellent view into the various eras of Polish history.

Holidays Lounge Reveals Insights to Krakow Poland 3

Wawel cathedral Krakow on a sunny day

Holidays Lounge recommends visiting the Town Hall tower, which is a 70-meter tall tower and is the only part of the original old town hall that remains. With an observation deck on top, visitors are treated to a great view of the city. The Town Hall Tower also looms over the Main Market Square. Main Market Square is one of the largest medieval market squares in all of Europe, and the Main Market Square offers a fantastic peek into the past to see what life would’ve been like in a bustling medieval marketplace. The Project for Public Spaces even named it the best public space in Europe due to the constant activity and entertainment.

River Vistula is the largest river in Poland and gives a great view of Krakow and Kazimierz for those who float down it. The river will provide you with a good look of the city, and also take you past the Wawel Hill Complex as well. There are more than just historic landmarks present in the Old Town. Krakow and its people are well known for its welcoming people and many street festivals. Around the Main Market Square are located many excellent restaurants and pubs. With many museums and churches as well, the historical center of Krakow gives visitors a view into the past that spans multiple eras of Polish history.

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