Holidays Lounge believes that nothing says you have visited France and sampled its best tourist delights like a visit to the Louvre in Paris. The world-famous museum, also the largest art museum in the world, is without equal when it comes to popularity. The Louvre pyramid itself is a delight in its own right and a very popular photo opportunity.

But if you are visiting France, and Paris in particular, don’t settle for enjoying the magnificence of this famous museum from just the outside. The real fun begins when you step through its doors to see what gems lie hidden within. The first of many choices you will have to make is where to start your tour because due to its immense size, it is challenging to see everything in just one day.

To experience the best of what the Louvre has to offer, you should get yourself a guide to show you around and explain to you the historical and artistic masterpieces that have made this museum the best of its kind in the world. The stories you will hear about the history of the art on display are captivating, and nothing short of enlightening. If you don’t want the cost of a personal guide, you can always rent an audio guide to carry with you that includes a map so you can align the information you hear on the guide to the numbers on the map.

There are over 35,000 paintings on display, many from the most well-known names in the history of art. At the Louvre, it is easy to cultivate a profound appreciation of how technically accomplished these centuries-old artistic giants truly were. One of the most visited works is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa so be prepared to wait in line to see her.

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Holidays Lounge understands that the Louvre is a very popular destination for many people. Therefore, the lines to get into the museum can be a lot longer than you expected. However, do not let the lines discourage you as you can purchase entrance tickets in advance and bypass the line and start the artistic trip of your life. You can also avoid the crammed line at the Louvre Pyramid gate and instead get in through the Carrousel du Louvre that will give you faster access to the artistic marvels that await you inside the museum.

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If you love art exhibitions, the Louvre also has temporary installations that can give you a chance to see some of the latest developments in the art world. Other of these events feature ancient works of art that have proven themselves to be masterpieces throughout the centuries. Sometimes, the exhibitions feature famous artists from current generations, so Holidays Lounge knows that there is always a chance your favorite living artist or their works may be found in the Louvre.

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The Louvre has an auditorium, and this venue will give you a chance to enjoy your time more as you visit this great museum. The events at this place include lectures, films, readings, shows, and even concerts that will give you a unique opportunity to experience art history, archaeology, and other exciting things. Seeing and asking questions is not all you can do while visiting the Louvre, you can also touch some of the masterpieces on display when you go into the Touch Gallery.

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This section of the museum takes care of those who are visually impaired, and any other visitor who wants to experience the artworks by touching them. Holidays Lounge believes the Louvre always has something for every visitor who wants something beyond the ordinary.

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